The Lifestyle Group directly acts on the healthcare and healthtech market through its subsidiary Wealty SA

Farmacia Dr Fleming

Dr.Fleming is WEALTY’s franchising network specialized in Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, and Corners development.

The Dr.Fleming services pharmacy is an innovative format that focuses on health promotion and well-being in all its forms to create healthy places that provide products and services for the well-being and prevention of individuals, also exploiting the systems of telemedicine.

Box della Salute is an innovative multidiagnostic device designed, engineered and produced in Italy.

The innovative concept of the Box Della Salute combines the cutting-edge technology of its medical devices with the elegance of Made in Italy. The design is thought of by the well-known Maison Bertone founded in 1912, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious brands of Made in Italy in the world. Maximum attention to detail, continuous research of new ideas, and high-quality materials are the distinguishing factors of the Box Della Salute. The products symbolic of the technological and constructive avant-garde, such as the Frecciarossa train and various Lamborghini models, are linked to Bertone’s brand.

The services offered by the Box Della Salute allow you to assess your physical condition and recognize disease conditions early through specific examinations, monitoring, and screening.

Box della Salute
Valigetta della Salute

Valigetta Della Salute is a multi-diagnostic device designed specifically for patients with chronic diseases and for professionals, such as nurses.

It is a modular case, supplied with the medical tools necessary to accommodate the customer’s needs. It is an innovative system that connects all the devices without configuration and with the possibility of remote assistance.

It is a portable Box Della Salute that can be used by professionals to assist patients with reduced mobility and by patients who wish to keep their health conditions controlled from the comfort of their homes.

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